The 60 Million Global Polonia Congress was created to showcase, empower and integrate the Polish business communities in Poland and across the globe. Its name and idea were inspired by the millions of people of Polish descent spread around the world. The celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence in 2018 gave the initiative the perfect momentum. The Congress became an excellent opportunity to bring the Polish community together to discuss Poland’s position on the world stage. With the strong emphasis on economic development, the Congress focuses on international relationship building.

The organizers of the Congress are committed to the development of strong relations between Polish business and the scientific and cultural institutions in Poland and abroad. We aim to highlight the importance of working together. The Congress focuses on identifying areas of cooperation that could be developed to strengthen existing relationships. It seeks new areas of joint activity that are significant to the healthy economy and image of Poland and the Polish diaspora worldwide.

Three editions of the 60 Million Congress were held in 2018. This year, six new editions are being held in six different cities in four countries and two continents. We trust that our focus on Polonia engaged in business will bring greater audiences to the fore.

Eight editions of the Congress are already being planned for 2020. The 60 Million Congress will be held in various cities around the world, including Miami, Milan, Berlin, Chicago, London, Buffalo, Rzeszów and New York.

We aim for the 60 Million Congress to become a new international and intergenerational communication platform.  Our mission is for it to contribute to the integration of the Polish diaspora around the world and we hope that our vision will strengthen our ties beyond business.


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