They said about us – Aleksandra Lewtak

Last week I have visited Kongres 60 Milionów / 60 Million Congress – Berlin 2019, worldwide event organised for Poles living abroad.

To begin, I have to state, I am not a patriot at all. I think boundaries between countries are artificial factor causing conflicts and wars. It’s always a problem when you create very strong divisions: me vs you, us vs them, good vs bad. It’s something would be better to let go off! Instead, let’s focus on that we’re all interdependent, connected on a very deep level. We are spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting human bodies, traveling through space on a giant rock, born in certain places, only due to some causes and conditions…

However I am a big fan of polish language, I admire polish spirit (no, I don’t mean vodka), and I cheer a lot of polish ideas on. To say that we are all connected, doesn’t mean we are all the same. We differ and we differ very beautifully! I went to the congress to admire how polish thoughts, values and projects are alive in the wild wild west.

My main observation is that there is A LOT going on. Poland doesn’t maybe have any strong brand identity and looks kind of shy, but things that are in operation are of excellent quality. We don’t smile as much as other nations, we don’t dance in the streets and show off, but we do work hard. Energy of people from Poland has sometimes some sense of stress, worry or even fear, but we overcome it and I’ve noticed some very visible lightness in our faces. We are strong, intelligent and quick and what we do is very big.

To list at least three brilliant ones, I have to mention:

* Virtual Power Plant / Wirtualna Elektrownia – a company that can reduce 30% of the power consumption in big buildings, created by Grzegorz Nowaczewski

* Grupa AF – IT, marketing i consulting biznesowy – huge worldwide company created by polish Stephen Hawking of business, Adrian Furman

* Bravecare – superb reputation company specialised in care taking about older Germans, recruiting from Polish and Ukrainians, employing 800 people

The event itself was organised again on excellent level. The food was delicious and everybody was very helpful.