THURSDAY OCTOBER 3rd - Melrose Ballroom

What are the ways to connect start-ups from Europe with those from the United States and what are the advantages of such a cooperation? How can the Polish Business Incubators help their American counterparts to establish operations in the European Union? What opportunities are there for the EU start-ups when working with the US-based business incubators?

What are the lates trends, where are the biggest oportunities located and what to look for when creating your investment strategies. Openien speech: How to handle the heirless property issue in Poland ? What are the legal chalenges?

Tapping into the business potential of Eastern Europe based on lessons learnt from Polish success stories abroad. How to capitalize on the assets of the region? What lessons or business models can be applied to achieve international success?

What are the most successful companies and investment funds on the Warsaw Stock Market? What are the latest investing trends in Poland? Where are the biggest oportunities when investing in Poland and Eastern Europe? How does Trump's Presidency affect the investment trends and transatlantc cooperation in the finance industry?

How does New York City attract over 50 million tourists annualy? What are the strategies that Polish cities could use in order to maximize their potential and attract more visitors? What ways exist or could exist to cooperate with the New York State and attract Americans to travel to Poland? What are the opportunities in the sector of medical tourism in this transatlatic cooperation?

What are the latest investing trends in the United States? Who is hot who is not? What are the ways for the European companies and or investors to enter Wall Street? Will there be a Polish Investment Fund on Wall Street?

Architects, designers, integrators of low-voltage systems and property managers.

From the United States to the European Union. Exploring business opportunities available thorugh regional cooperation. How to enter the European Union market by working with local Polonia? How to attract companies from the European Union to invest in the US?

FRIDAY OCTOBER 4TH - Consulate General New York



How can we build a better brand of Poland internationally? What are the Polish cultural, social and business assets that have received global recognition? Who are the most important “ambassadors” of Poland in the world and how we can help to support them? How can you become an “ambassador” of the Polish brand?

What are the most successful Polish NGOs and Foundations in the United States, how do they cooperate and how can we help to support them? What are the modern operational models that the NGOs are implementing and how we can transfer and apply the know-how to the Polish organizations?

How to work with Polonia leaders to create international projects in culture, sports, business and beyond? What are the ways to capitalize on the potential? What models of cooperation are used in other diasporas?

What are the choices you have and why should you support legal distribution channels?

What are we fighting for and what are our goals. What is the political vision of the Polish and American governments in terms of support and development of Polish diaspora in the United States. Does this vision coincide with the voices of the inidividual Poles in America? What are other ways to strengthen the political force of the Polish community in the USA.




Jakie są najbardziej skuteczne polskie organizacje pozarządowe i fundacje w Stanach Zjednoczonych, jak działają i jak możemy je wspierać. Jakie są nowoczesne modele operacyjne wdrażane przez polonijne organizacje pozarządowe i jak możemy przenieść i zastosować ich doświadczenia w polskich organizacji?

Jak współpracować z liderami Polonii przy tworzeniu międzynarodowych projektów w dziedzinie kultury, sportu, biznesu i innych? Jakie są sposoby wykorzystania potencjału? Jakie modele współpracy są stosowane w innych krajach?





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