Hello! Spain

On April 23, 2020, the first 60 LIVE Congress online conference was held. A series of conferences entitled “Hello! Polonia” aim to reach Poles living in various countries around the world, who will tell about their life abroad, how they build their business there, how they develop and how they cope with the pandemic situation that has arisen worldwide. The first conference was devoted to Spain. The topics discussed during the meeting concerned the general situation of entrepreneurs, tourism, healthy eating, education and grassroots social initiatives. “Hello! Spain ”is a meeting with the real life of Poles abroad. During the Spanish edition of the conference, the following spoke in the discussion:
– Patrycja Salacinska-Kone – President of Polish Professionals in Madrid,
– Agnieszka Sobolewska and Aleksander Hryniuk – Founders of the Iventour Travel Office,
– Joanna Reiter – Founder and owner of the Oletti company,
– Karolina Gucko – Sworn translator of Spanish and a partner at Ekonexo Bienestar,
– Małgorzata Kozyra – Founder of Campus Spain