The 60 Million Congress - the Global Polonia Congress of is an event that, by strengthening Polish-Polish bonds, builds international business relations corresponding to the trends of the 21st century. Defining the opportunities for development and strengthening the cooperation of 60 million Poles around the world is the basic goal of our meeting, the achievement of which will allow the development of a global network of business contacts based on Polish values.

The Congress program includes discussion panels among experts, business leaders and representatives of the Polish government, local authorities and Polish embassies as well as the networking part. Participants taking part in e.g. golf tournament, cocktail meetings and other special events build mutual relations. In addition to specialist panels, each edition of the Congress addresses the direction of the development of the Polish brand on the world map and forms of cooperation with the Polish diaspora, with particular emphasis on their economic dimension.

The first ever edition of the Congress was held in Miami in 2018 on the initiative of Polish businessmen who, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of independence, created a new platform for exchange of practices and ideas for further economic development among the Polish community. The year 2019 means six consecutive meetings of "60 Millions" in six different cities on two continents, thanks to which the idea of  Polonia business will reach even an even wider audience.


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